Monday, April 24, 2017

pysanky practice

i've thought about pysanky but never bought the tools. when someone at novalabs created a meetup to do this, i jumped at the chance.

dave learned how to do this by watching videos. he made his own tools. once he showed me how to use them, i pretty much ignored everyone else around me and did my own thing.

i applied the wax to the plain egg, then dyed it yellow.

more wax application, more colors

final product after wax removal and buffing
lessons learned:
  • this is fun
  • i can freehand something of my own design that looks pleasing to my eye
  • i don't have a steady hand, so simple, thick lined designs are probably my best bet
  • use a soft pencil so i can rub the pencil lines off more easily
  • dye colors lightest to darkest
  • drips happen. go with them
  • i want to do this again

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