Tuesday, November 8, 2016

temple hall farm

it was exciting to try out amazing farm fun at ticonderoga (which i keep misspelling and subsequently misspeaking as ticonderago) a few days ago, but our old favorite temple hall farm still held plenty of fun for all of us.

going at the end of the festival, well after the hallowe'en season is past, makes for fewer crowds. it's also more likely that we would have cooler, more fall-like weather, which we did. i was comfortable with long sleeves and no one complained of being too cold.

artemis and friend capably made their way through the massive corn maze while steve and ander indulged in kettle corn and lemonade and i visited the animal pens and reluctantly shared delicious, hot, salty, crispy french fries (with my husband, not the animals).

as we had hoped, samson was there.
ander happily rode him and fed him a carrot afterwards.

he said, "mom, will you jump with me/ please?"

"yes, my dear, just a little bit, just for you."

artemis & friend dabbin' it up

ander & steve in action poses

a biiiiiiiiig pumpkin

we drove a few minutes farther, up into lucketts, to search for the giant metal chicken.
no chicken, but these were kinda cute.

Monday, November 7, 2016

amazing farm fun at ticonderoga

we found a new favorite fall farm to add to our list: ticonderoga! girl scout events where the whole family is welcome are just the best. ander loves these cadettes and the feelings are (mostly) mutual.

ander acquired a new pumpkin, whom he has named *tim* and might decorate as a turkey

these pedal carts were the main attraction for ander

he had no trouble finding people to race - and he often won!

apple cider press

Sunday, November 6, 2016

moments of perfection at noon

my back deck, ideal temperature, shining sun, breeze gently rustling the leaves, and so many birds: cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, bluebirds, blue jays, and possibly a junco.

herbs are still doing pretty well

look for the spot of red - it's cardinal fang

Friday, November 4, 2016

i shall call him . . . fighter pumpkin!

my children have exceptional access to the quiddity of things. with artemis, i think of how she discovers the names of her tiny christmas trees. ander confidently declared that his hallowe'en jack-o-lantern this year shall be named "fighter pumpkin."

(i must admit to a teensy bit of trepidation as to the origin of this name, but i tamped that down with a helpful handful of candy.)

"it's autumn - we got 'em!"

ander selected this year's pumpkin based on specifications from last year's favorite book, pumpkin day, pumpkin night. we've added two new books to our home collection, the bumpy little pumpkin and pumpkin jack. following the latter's storyline, fighter pumpkin will be retired to one of the raised beds in the back in the hopes that leftover seeds will develop into new growth next year. the others will be fashioned into bird-and-other-creature feeders outside our home.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

stone mansion at stoneybrooke park

there's a public park pretty close by to where artemis takes her biology class. i don't really know why it has taken me so long to discover it; maybe i've been having such fun at grounded coffee or exploring the green space around the church where the class is held.

i think i was experiencing a resurgence of enthusiasm for playing pokemon go and was searching for more pokestops to replenish my supply of pokeballs, and that's when i found it: stone mansion at stoneybrooke park.

my first visit afforded me just enough time to walk around the whole perimeter:

i don't know why but this door makes me happy

the grounds behind the building; robins were just sitting there as i walked by

i think these signs are new or i've just started noticing them popping up. i like that i can breathe easier.

this path leads down into a residential area

this pavilion is park of the park and there's a playground structure with swings, too
my second visit was sunnier:

i like viewing sunlight through the leaves

i was surprised to see bamboo here; it's an invasive species discouraged in our town

the little yellows throughout the green made me smile
a much cooler third trip left me little time for photos as i chewed up all of my phone battery within 15 minutes of initiating an incense burner to attract pokemon. i did manage to catch several ghastlys, though. you can see the photos i took of some pinecones on a tree at the edge of the property here.

i wonder what it will look like next time.