Monday, October 31, 2016

variations on a theme

it was a gorgeous day to walk around in stoneybrooke park while artemis was in biology class. i was particularly impressed by a tree that had no pinecones at all on one side and variations of green and brown pinecones elsewhere. oh, and the sticky sap, too.

can you see the figure here? with powerful arms?

back at the church location where the class is held, i happily crunched acorns under my boots.

and now for something (not so) completely different: pretty, autumn-y things i have found along various walks to/from school and elsewhere.

having a camera is handy when you find a neat something-or-other and your walking companion isn't entirely sure what tree that unusual-looking acorn is from and you need to look it up when you get home. (it's from a burr oak, btw.)

if i'm *very* lucky, i'm permitted to take a photo of my eldest and even share it with others. this rare opportunity was at stribling orchard for apple picking. they had bees, delighting us both.

if i remember to take my eyes off the ground when walking, i occasionally discover a treasure among the fallen leaves, like a fabulous fungus.

finally, though it may have been unseasonably warm for my meadowlark morning meandering this weekend, there was some lovely falliage. (get it? fall + foliage = falliage? save me.)

oh, how i do love this season and all of its pretty colors!

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