Wednesday, April 12, 2017

mount vernon

ander expressed interest in visiting mount vernon for a while now, especially after reading george washington's breakfast by jean fritz (paul galdone, illustrator). as it turns out, mount vernon is less than an hour's drive away.

it was a comfortably warm, sunny spring day, perfect for outdoor touring of the gardens and peeking into some of the buildings.

for a self-guided experience in the comfort of your home without heat or hunger or crowds or annoying insects, i recommend the virtual tour.

the flowers were planted along the borders of the beds for enjoyment in a "pleasure garden"


tulips and daffodils


maroon drooping flowers in foreground are snake's head fritillaries



lily-flowered tulip

looking into the kitchen

tiny house living

the cistern was not original to the estate

espaliered apple tree 

teen selfie

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

autism again, because it's a part of life for more than a month

more autism links, because it's a part of life for longer than the month of april

start here

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and now:

hey, parents of autistic kids

blue lights won't help me

i am autistic: an evocation

a letter to the parent or caregiver of an undiagnosed autistic girl

how "autism warrior parents" harm autistic kids

electric house

ander is a lego masterbuilder. so when he received his class assignment to design and build a house and wire it up with lights, it was obvious that legos would be the building materials.

he acted as the architect (and builder and electrician) for a family of four who wanted to live by the lake and who enjoyed bird watching and having guests come to visit.

lucky for us, we had the paper circuits tinker crate box, so we could use the copper foil tape and leds and a basic design for the series circuit. we had to get a little more creative for the required outside light. oh, both circuits needed functioning switches, too, made from brads and paper clips.

it was an all-family affair to pull this together, but in the end, ander was pleased and confident implementing his final, workable choices for design, decoration, and details.

front view of his two-story lake house: note the owls in the trees  

wiring and switch for front porch light. dad helped on this one.

wiring & switch for indoor lights
two led bulbs mounted through cardstock to illuminate the two upstairs bedrooms. circuit adhered to removable roof.

rear view with openings to allow builder hands to disassemble for display and demonstration. each bedroom has a balcony to take in the lake views. there's even a firepit and lounge chairs in the sand.

top view of second floor: master bedroom on right, children's shared bedroom on the left, bathroom in center.

bunk beds, of course

ingenious toilet & shower, designs by artemis

parents enjoy a large bed

top down view into open-concept first floor: large dining table, sofa, computer desk

kitchen boasted professional range with pots, refrigerator, and plenty of storage

additional seating near windows with view of lake
demonstrating use of switch to light up the inside lights

highlighting the features of the first floor

Monday, April 10, 2017

autism and . . .

from one of my facebook posts:

It's a new day. Advocacy time!
Today I will move beyond autism awareness and focus on autism acceptance. Today I will read and promote autistic voices. Today I will learn from autistic adults and teens and children to learn more about their experiences from their perspectives. Today I will expand my knowledge and comprehension beyond what I have gained from parents and professionals. Autistic people aren't all the same, they didn't choose the color blue, and they don't all identify with a puzzle piece. Today I will work to meet them where they are, rather than asking them to come to me to explain themselves.

what it means to be highly empathetic, and autistic

"charity" that harms

if not aba, then what?

please visit this page to read more

Sunday, April 9, 2017

signs of spring

warm enough to walk home from school a few times

cherry blossom specialties at coffee shop

hair color

on a walk

neighborhood redbud

cherry blossoms near the library

scout meeting outside the lodge