Thursday, May 4, 2017


egg day

earth day, a little early

ander had one more day off school after easter, so the kids and i went over to nature house at walker nature center for their earth day planting event.

the compost was warm in our gloved hands and smelled of growing things and goodness.

virginia bluebell planted by ander

virginia bluebell planted by artemis

artemis readying another plant. i like how the plant and hair color matched.

i found a friend

the roots were too exposed on this fern, so i was instructed to dig it up and make a bigger hole for it. red clay is in abundance underground.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

march for science

when i participated in the women's march, ander wished he could have gone just to see all the people. artemis likewise would have appreciated being part of a historic event. steve wanted to support me in any way i asked.

so when the march for science date was set, i started planning.

and we did it. we marched. as a family. for science.

photo credit to steve; family friend julie joined us on the adventure

photo credit to julie

photo credit to friendly fellow marcher



note: ander & artemis approved my posting of these particular photos. i have other great ones but they were declined. and that's just fine.