Sunday, November 19, 2017

it's not properly autumn unless we get in the corn bin

our yearly pilgrimage to krop's crops for the hallowe'en pumpkins and fall miscellany.

handmade makes me happyest

note: from drafts folder written earlier this year

artemis created gifts for the rest of us using creativity, skill, and knowledge of what we like and would appreciate this christmas.

assortment of handmade chocolates using the ingredients i like best

for ander, to whom she is reading the first book of harry potter

his own wand, powered by spirit vines, if i'm not mistaken

for dad, because green lantern

for dad, because superman

tiny stockings for ratties sewed last year

stained glass picket, taped to the tree so he doesn't get away 


note: found in my drafts folder from this past may

tuesday afternoon social group, claude moore park, nature photography walk, in the rain.

remember when . . . ? I wish i could do that again.

note: i found this in my drafts folder dated october 2016. now seems as good a time as any to post.

Last year's adventure at Frying Pan Farm Park's Fall Festival held great memories for us, so when Ander asked recently when he could ride the rides again, he was happy to learn that the carnival rides would be back in town again soon.

I knew that I could not handle riding with him, so I reached out to friends who might enjoy the rides with him.

Ander and his friend have not really spent time together since switching schools several grades ago, but it took very little time for them to reacquaint themselves with each other during our carpool. by the time we got the boys' wristbands on, they took off running with each other, leaving their mamas behind to gaze adoringly at them.

loudounberry farm & garden

late october botany field trip to loudounberry farm & garden near lucketts.

came to inspect the patio vertical gardens. entranced by the animals (especially the japanese quail - such perfectly bird-shaped birds). came home with seeds for indoor herb growing and a jar of locally-made apple butter.

bunny and chickens and sheep, oh, my

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

hallowe'en 2017

ander & steve as mario & luigi

costumed as my inner me

artemis as hiccup haddock III (how to train your dragon)

artemis as hiccup haddock III (how to train your dragon)

artemis as lotor (voltron: legendary defender)

artemis as lotor (voltron: legendary defender)