Tuesday, January 16, 2018


we like monty python. steve and i listened to the final rip off cd collection for years. watching episodes of flying circus and watching monty python and the hoty grail has been part of artemis' cultural education.

ander is fond of the spam sketch. exceedingly fond. spam is a funny word. vikings singing about spam is hilarious. people screaming about spam is hilarious.

then he asked what spam is.

you know where this is going, right?

i bought him spam. and i cooked him spam. plus eggs, bacon, and sausage to accompany his own rendition of the spam sketch.

this kid has a future in musical comedy, i'm certain of it.

ander preferred his egg, bacon, sausage, and spam without the spam

artemis likes spam if it's musubi.

i don't like spam. that's all right, because steve will have it. 

i'll still count it as nourishing, i guess.