Friday, November 4, 2016

i shall call him . . . fighter pumpkin!

my children have exceptional access to the quiddity of things. with artemis, i think of how she discovers the names of her tiny christmas trees. ander confidently declared that his hallowe'en jack-o-lantern this year shall be named "fighter pumpkin."

(i must admit to a teensy bit of trepidation as to the origin of this name, but i tamped that down with a helpful handful of candy.)

"it's autumn - we got 'em!"

ander selected this year's pumpkin based on specifications from last year's favorite book, pumpkin day, pumpkin night. we've added two new books to our home collection, the bumpy little pumpkin and pumpkin jack. following the latter's storyline, fighter pumpkin will be retired to one of the raised beds in the back in the hopes that leftover seeds will develop into new growth next year. the others will be fashioned into bird-and-other-creature feeders outside our home.

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