Friday, October 16, 2015

wish fulfillment

we are all - especially ander - fond of a story called good luck duck by meindert de jong. we first heard a recording of it by jim weiss of peace hill press (formerly of greathall productions) years ago and i think, by now, that we may have worn out the cd from so many playings.  when you read it, you may understand more of ander's draw towards ferris wheels, though he had yet to actually ride on one. he's been asking again recently to try it out, and an opportunity arose as if in direct response to his request.

frying pan farm was having fall carnival fun. they were advance selling discounted wristbands for unlimited rides on the opening night. i didn't even have to ask - i *knew* it would be the right thing for him.

it was ideal weather. ideal (lack of) crowds. ideal venue in terms of size and number and kinds of rides. ideal time of day - early evening darkening through sunset into night-time. perfect for his wish fulfillment.

moving so quickly you can see his dust!
we rode on the eli (ferris) wheel first. then the carousel. the paratrooper, and the heart flip. while i watched, he rode the dragon wagon, wiggle wurm, and hampton combo and climbed through the treasure hunt fun house. i held my breath as he spun in the tubs o' fun and on the scrambler.

our view from atop the eli wheel

on the carousel
in the very front of the dragon wagon

the carny for this ride was super awesome

hampton combo
heart flip 
he loved it, but it was the beginning of my eventual downfall
treasure hunt fun house
view of the crescent moon. he liked looking at it while whirling on this ride, the paratrooper.
sole spinner in this tub o' fun - the carny for this one really connected with him while getting him secured on and off the ride.
ander wanted me to join him for most things just to share my company. when the ride had a height limit, he eagerly rode on his own. when i knew i couldn't handle the movement, he stood patiently at each ride he wanted to go on, waiting for another lone rider to accompany him. he made new friends, finding communal enjoyment in the sensations of whirling and circling and pushing from one side to another with another child. watching him smile and laugh and scream and wave to me with obvious joy and satisfaction in those moments filled my heart with so much love.

aboard the scrambler. he rode it twice. it was his second favorite ride (after the ferris wheel)
oh, and he got to play his own version of the game in the *duck tent* just like timothy, the main character in the story.

he wanted a ferris wheel from which he could see the whole carnival. and a merry-go-round. and riding as many times as he wanted. and twinkling lights.  wishes fulfilled, my sweet boy.

he loved the *twinkling lights*
yup, he's missing a couple of top teeth there. new ones coming in just fine.

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