Friday, July 15, 2016

the birds and the bees

took the kids to meadowlark yesterday. finally purchased our family membership so we can go any time we want. ander had not been in other than for the winter walk of lights; diana had recently gardened there as part of a girl scout service project but it was out in one of the parking lot/walkway spaces. so this would be their first time actually exploring.

we didn't make it too far into the grounds. it was incredibly hot outside even at 10:30 in the morning; shaded paths and benches provided some relief from the sun.

diana is studying bees. her girls scout silver award project focuses on bee conservation and she wanted to visit someplace that would likely attract bees, so meadowlark's abundance of flowers seemed like a good place to explore. she was pleased to find a bee box with evidence of use and quickly got to work photographing and sketching a live inhabitant.

ander is not fond of flying insects in general, as they tend to dart about rapidly and unpredictably. he knows a dragonfly won't injure him but it can easily startle him. (in contrast, he adores caterpillars and worms and takes every opportunity to move them to safety off a hot sidewalk or road.)  needless to say he was not excited about bugs but did point out fat, fuzzy bumblebees where he saw and heard them busily investigating bright blooms.

ander's sensitive ears also caught the faint call of a mourning dove. being an excellent imitator of sound, particularly pitch, he repeated the song. to his delight, the dove called again. and he responded. we detected a second dove in a nearby location and ander happily kept up his part in the conversation for several exchanges.

relatively cool and quiet spot

can you spot the teenager?

on a cooler day we can search for the larger fish in one of the lakes
i took this just a few days earlier; bumblebee on echinacea?

i took this just a few days earlier; honeybee on thistle?
the girl scouts' weeding & planting & mulching work still looks great!

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