Monday, August 22, 2016

blooms & bees & butterflies, oh my

going back through pictures i have taken over the past months helps remind me where some of my attention has been. these are moments to cherish when thinking about our summer.

birds and bees and bugs and flowers make me happy, especially when i am fawning over them with family or friends.
diana's lavender






diana's echinacea flower


pileated woodpecker at our suet feeder

pollen pockets/baskets/sacs of a bumble bee on a coneflower

water lilies

water lily seed pod
one of several sunflowers planted in front of strip mall
one of my best & favorite bee photos. probably a carpenter rather than a bumble. need to find out the flower it's on.
eastern tiger swallowtail 
closeup to see the blue on the wings of one
could be cellar spider or harvestman insect on my basil


  1. We called those last creatures "daddy longlegs", but I they're also called harvestmen. But they aren't insects, and they aren't spiders. What taxonomic group? Maybe our daughters will be able to tell us next year.