Tuesday, November 8, 2016

temple hall farm

it was exciting to try out amazing farm fun at ticonderoga (which i keep misspelling and subsequently misspeaking as ticonderago) a few days ago, but our old favorite temple hall farm still held plenty of fun for all of us.

going at the end of the festival, well after the hallowe'en season is past, makes for fewer crowds. it's also more likely that we would have cooler, more fall-like weather, which we did. i was comfortable with long sleeves and no one complained of being too cold.

artemis and friend capably made their way through the massive corn maze while steve and ander indulged in kettle corn and lemonade and i visited the animal pens and reluctantly shared delicious, hot, salty, crispy french fries (with my husband, not the animals).

as we had hoped, samson was there.
ander happily rode him and fed him a carrot afterwards.

he said, "mom, will you jump with me/ please?"

"yes, my dear, just a little bit, just for you."

artemis & friend dabbin' it up

ander & steve in action poses

a biiiiiiiiig pumpkin

we drove a few minutes farther, up into lucketts, to search for the giant metal chicken.
no chicken, but these were kinda cute.

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  1. I'm glad you made it again this year, and in daylight for great photos. I had a blast with you last year, especially that corn maze--we made fantastic time using the logic, was it from you or Steve?