Tuesday, April 14, 2015


if you have followed (or explored) my blog, you'll know that i am fond of eggy things around this time of year.  this easter was no eggs-ception.

miss tanya joined us for hard-boiled-egg and hollowed egg dyeing

diana was pleased to try out her new gel pens

tanya liked the multicolored effects

ander was "on it" this year for mixing colors and checking for the proper shade

steve coloring the inside of one of the shells that cracked when i blew the yolk out.

"just the color i wanted!"

watching the food dye dissipate

i truly loved what diana came up with. i only wish these had been blown eggs that i could keep forever.

this egg beautifully said "we are all colors in a universal rainbow"
what reached right through my chest and grasped my heart and squeezed it so tightly was what diana did for ander on easter.  she explained that the *baby easter bunny* left very special eggs for him to find in her room. it was all about him and what he loves. five of her hand-decorated plastic eggs contained chocolate. the very special faberge-like egg contained tiny hand-drawn instructions and all the pieces to build two tiny lego cars. ander was delighted. he promptly make the cars, with his own little modifications, and handed one to her so that they could play together.

egg-ceedingly wonderful.

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