Saturday, April 29, 2017

autism is accessible

want to know more about autism? actual autistic individuals make autism accessible!

most of these articles, though admittedly not all, are written by autistic authors. those that are not came recommended by autistics. this is another compilation of links i found and shared via facebook but wanted to make available to myself and others interested parties. please check the links here, too, for prior posts.

echolalia: that's what she said

autism awareness starts with acknowledging that autistic people exist and matter

what does a black autistic man look like?

whose expertise is it? evidence for autistic adults as critical autism experts

working while autistic

parents: don't hide your children's autism diagnoses from them

a poem called "autistic rage"

50+ autistic people you should know

why i really struggle with school as someone on the autism spectrum

autism on television needs more diverse representation

autistic insights on meltdowns, aggression, and self-injury

#autism appreciation: 7 things that make me a valuable employee

what should you do when your favorite celebrity gets it wrong?

the subtle brilliance of sesame street's first episode starring an autistic muppet

learning to drive as someone on the autism spectrum

why we need to make sex ed more inclusive of those with disabilities

an open letter from an autistic child in meltdown, written by an autistic adult who still melts down from time to time

if the world was built for me

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