Monday, March 13, 2017


artemis had a two week (spring) break from biology. i was able to persuade the teen to accompany me to visit the national gallery of art to experience the alexander calder exhibit in person.

this was no small undertaking for me. i don't feel comfortable in big cities. i have difficulty navigating - either walking or diving - and i easily get disoriented. things feel too much and more than i can handle.

but i was brave and determined. i had an experienced d.c. explorer and metro traveler at my side. we made it there and back and actually enjoyed ourselves along the way.

view through my sunglasses and the metro window. the colors were even more vivid than my camera could capture

artemis was so cold on this windy day

calder permanent installation in the east building's central court atrium

it's a 76-foot long mobile

13 panels, 12 arms, 920 pounds

"capricorn" by max ernst

the faces & poses make me smile
there are actual poppies in anselm kiefer's lead and glass sculpture "angel of history"

a friend suggested i take time to experience leo villreal's "multiverse" light sculpture. it's got a moving walkway (and my accommodating teen, when i'm very lucky!)

within the calder exhibit:

"crinkly worm"

"rearing stallion"

david smith's "circle"

andy goldsworthy's "roof" drew us both in"

within the book area in the gift shop

back to the lights

my next first album cover
back to the stone hives

we'll go there on another day

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