things i mull over

a letter to my daughter about self love

about books and reading

an astronaut's advice

atheism 2.0

authentic parenting

be a more effective communicator

being quiet

blogging is the new persuasive essay

bullies called him pork chop

can repetitive exercises actually feed the creative process?

cell phones for kids

central limit theorem with rabbits and dragons

changing patterns of rigid thinking

compassion and the real meaning of the golden rule

consent:not actually that complicated

conversations and writing

critical thinking

dangerous things i should let my children do

dealing with negative comments

deliberate practice

five things breastfeeding advocates need to stop doing

gifted introverts

gravity glue

hackschooling makes me happy

hamsa holstee maifesto

homeschool parents need to stop saying

homeschool this

how to love:...mastering the art of 'interbeing'

how to reckon with emotion and change your narrative

hugging meditation

internet & internet safety for kids

i am not raising obedient children

i've started telling my kids i'm beautiful

junk food, brain food, soul food

kids having an internet presence

love, no matter what

make good art

making data look beautiful

mom blame

nature has a formula that tells us when it's time to die

networked knowledge and combinatorial creativity

on milestones, deadlines, and public bathrooms

on suffering well

overview (the movie)

parenting weird kids

piano notes made visible

planting seeds

preserving the pleasure of deep reading

project based homeschooling

pronounce these places correctly

quit pointing your avocado at me

raising an introverted child

raising a thiel fellow

reading and obligation

reflections on a mote of dust

remaking recess

saying thank you


seven ways you're hurting your daughter's future

spoon theory

staying in the picture

stephen fry on language

taking away my daughter's smile

talking to teens

technology is not neutral

ten commandments of using digital media for parents

tenly's apology

terrible tragedy of the healthy eater

the day i stopped saying 'hurry up'

the girl who sings in tune

the other mother

the power of empathy

the reason every kid should talk back to their parents

the thing about eleven and a half

they don't want an autism cure

things i want my kids to know, no matter their age

thinking like sherlock holmes

transformative parenting

trashing teens

true sharing

unconditional parenting

use of blogs in teaching

we don't need age segregation

what about you?

what adults can learn from kids

what kids want

what's holding women back

what's next for NASA

when the doctor says this won't hurt a bit

why did men stop wearing high heels?

why it's awesome to be a nerd

why kids don't need praise (and what they need instead)

why trust is a crucial ingredient in shaping independent learners

why write

word up

writing with kids

you are a good parent

3 things to do when a friendship starts to fade

5 myths about young people and social media

5 myths about homeschool superiority

6 words you should say today

10 reasons why i will continue to give my children handheld devices

11 things i wish every parent knew

top 15 things your middle school kid wishes you knew


  1. What a great list! Thanks so much.

  2. My love, I've always known that you are beautiful.