Tuesday, March 31, 2015

time to build the rocket

ander recently rediscovered one of his favorite bookmarked videos on making a rocket. this time around, he decided he wanted to go beyond watching or asking if i would make one for him; he wanted to build it himself.

all he needed was some empty plastic bottles. we don't usually have those on hand but were able to acquire some within a couple of days. (i learned about pbh that i needed to make sure this happened quickly, before he lost interest, and i made sure to do so this time.)

i was going to be away on the day he wanted to construct the rocket, so we asked if dad would be available. he was, and agreed to take some photos for documentation.




in case you would like to see the video that inspired him to do this, watch here:

now we are just waiting for a warm, dry-ish day so we can test it out.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

it's my birthday

yup, it is. and it's been great.

steve and tanya let me scream and sing along and utterly fangirl the awesome group pentatonix for their on my way home concert tour. i even got a t-shirt.

we attended the organization of virginia homeschoolers' annual conference in glen allen, va.

at the ice cream social after the epic talent show

diana with her entry for the art exhibit

steve took us all to the bookstaore and bought me trigger warning, neil gaiman's latest collection. (oh, and i'm going to see neil gaiman. from afar, but in the same large room. we will be breathing the same air. i'm almost faint with anticipation. jealous?)

diana with warriors and ander with elephant & piggie. who knew?
i got a really, really pretty new glass pendant:

it's been a beautiful, sunshiny, spring-y day. lots of messages wishing me love and happiness from family and friends, plus enthusiastic renditions of birthday songs. some pie for me, cake for others, and i can say with confidence that i have enough.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

what a difference a week can make

march. two thursdays, one week apart.

right after the ice storm, we had this:

i didn't measure the total snowfall but i think it was the most we'd had all season
all of us agreed that we had had way more than enough of winter. we felt much like quack in the winter of his discontent.

and just a week later, it was warm enough for this on the walk home from school:

plunking rocks into the creek

testing the mud quality

her muddy dam building attracted attention from neighbors on their walk
things are really looking up for spring to arrive. we're ready.

Monday, March 16, 2015


diana's working on her girl scout cadette amaze journey. as she was considering ideas for a take action project, she came up with an idea to apply her animation skills and her love of kawaii  and her developing adeptness at navigating the social media world of google + towards making the world a little better place to live in.

presenting #defystereotypes

this is going over pretty well in most of her online groups. she's noticing +1s and sharing and some supportive comments. she's making a real connection and challenging people to think past stereotypes. she's even received a few requests and ideas to make additional gifs for this hashtag.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


at long last, diana was presented with a hard-earned badge at her recent girl scouts court of awards. this was an unusual, make-your-own badge based on extending her preparation and volunteering at riley's lock.

i'm a proud mama. though diana doesn't care to advertise her fabulousness as much as i do, she has graciously allowed me to share some of her work. i think it's pretty cool what she came up with after researching what interested her the most. among her self-directed multiple projects were:

designing and demonstrating a minecraft lock and creating a period-paper doll "lulu" with various articles of clothing and bedroom diorama with some of the things lulu would have fashioned herself, such as the rug and quilt:

bedroom diorama

LEGO washstand and mirror

nightgown, everyday dress, fancy dress

on her bed with her tiny doll
her doll even has authentic underwear (not shown). diana's research located this gem about victorian clothing.

oh, and did i mention she got to design the badge look herself? pretty nifty, i think.

Friday, March 6, 2015

see us sew and stuff

this post is mostly to remind my fellow homeschoolers - or pretty much anybody who needs a little nudge to convince them - that if you build it, they will come. our homeschool sewing circle/handwork club is still going strong.

we still meet about twice per month, and, while the attendance varies, we always have at least one other family come share the space with us. i think we took a break from it last summer but decided to continue through this summer: we don't have any big trips or summer camps or anything to accommodate in the schedule, and frankly, it will be nice to have an indoor time to look forward to as an escape from the heat. (it's a bit difficult but gratifying to imagine warm weather in the midst of our current snowy weather.)

look at what the members of our group were up to during two of our more recent gatherings: