Monday, September 29, 2014

in her element

it's finally autumn. really, truly. the calendar says so. the leaves are starting to change color and falling. sweaters and boots and acorn-and-leaf collecting and mama's pumpkin biscuits.

this is her time to shine.

 pausing during a walk with me between homeschool classes at compass
her first carved pumpkin of the season, named irwin. she did a great job setting up and taking this picture.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

apples up on top

the place: carter mountain orchard in charlottesville, va

apple picking and wine making on a mountain top

apple cider and apple cider donuts. not pictured: the apple cider slushie that helped to cool us down after the hot trek up and down the slopes

"i can see the whole town of charlottesville from up here!"

our "death strider boots" kept our feet unnecessarily warm on the tractor ride

"here, mom. i picked it just for you!"

the "perfect" apple

if you up for staying in a casual, homey bed-and-breakfast, we recommend fairhaven guesthouse. raven and flame are lovely people, the kind you'd like to have as neighbors, and their outdoor cat shirley was a big hit with the kids, especially ander.

why did we go so far to pick apples? we didn't. we came to see gg. the rest just filled in the time around seeing her.

ander and gg and their plush puppy dogs in a big hug. they got each other's sugar, all right!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

no, it's not yet time to break out the christmas ornaments, but . . .

i helped ander make a new video for his youtube channel.  we've stepped away from videos for a while as he spent time delving into other projects, but he spontaneously pulled out the LEGO christmas wreath yesterday and took it apart into its basic components. with a flourish, he indicated he wanted me to observe his masterbuilder skills in reassembly. i asked if i might video him doing so, and he agreed to hands-only and no voice.  no problem, buddy.

we are proud to present ander's latest work for his expanding audience:

Friday, September 5, 2014

bountiful, indeed

the much-anticipated latest minecraft update came out earlier this week. it's awesome.

almost as awesome is this song about the update. we sing it all. the. time. interspersed with the lego movie theme song, of course.

that's how we roll around here. you've been warned. embrace.