Thursday, November 13, 2014

digital animator

diana has been interested in movie-making for some time. she's made several cute things on her own, such as videotaping her stuffed animals in a story:

she's tried out microsoft windows movie maker:

she's demonstrated the features of her inventions:

and used video-capture software to explore her minecraft builds for a project about riley's lock:

one of her current classes at compass, her homeschool enrichment program, is digital animation. the students have used a version of adobe flash, but yesterday they tried their hands at animation-ish. diana is in love. it compliments her current favorite art style and just seems to fit her. today, the first day of a free home trial of the software, she spent many, many hours working on her first digital animation production. here's the trailer:

and the full movie:

don't you just love her new production company name? it's dianamation. subscribe to her youtube channel and you can see what she posts for public viewing.

i consider this a project based homeschooling win. i mentored her in a way that worked well for both of us. thanks, lori.:)

Monday, November 10, 2014

the final fall festival

at last, the pumpkin farm that satisfied me for this fall - temple hall.

it was sunny. it was cold. it was very windy. it was after halloween, so very empty. camel rides, pig races, parading hordes of tom turkeys. what's not to love?

this giant puppy bear greeted us on the way in

above pig barn

windmill was very busy
does this chair make me look small?

entering the corn maze of doom

high flyer

i can get some air, too
gallifreyan jumping pillows of rassilon

caught in the web
eli the camel

samson the camel

how about some love?

happy to oblige!

yes. we rode a camel

no fear

just gentle, calm, quiet love

duck racing

go go go!

riding the choo choo moo

through the corn field

this one walked in front of the tractor and greeted us as we disembarked
the toms strutted their stuff

corn cannon

she's got some decent shots

a good time had by all

Sunday, November 9, 2014

edible nature art

while at michael's craft store (i know, don't you just love that place?), i indulged in a leaf-shaped cookie cutter that i'd had my eye on for weeks.

then this happened:

yes, that's my boy, painting a rainbow on his cookie.

the kids each made one. steve kept me company and made several.

he even suggested the wreath pattern for photos

followed the next day by this:

yes, i have a tiny pumpkin cookie cutter

and also a tiny leaf cookie cutter

and a tiny apple cookie cutter. sense a theme here?

have i mentioned how much i love the colors of fall?

i baked two batches of ready-mix sugar cookies. i made the icing from confectioner's sugar and a bit of milk, flavored with a splash of vanilla extract and tinted with wilton gel colors. we painted the icing with clean watercolor brushes and occasionally added sprinkles. i had so much fun by the time i got to the last cookies that i actually fingerpainted the icing to see what kind of effects i could create.

Friday, November 7, 2014

halloween happiness

a pictorial for you. enjoy!


ander's (design)


also diana's


sneaky fox

steampunk vampire