Wednesday, November 2, 2016

stone mansion at stoneybrooke park

there's a public park pretty close by to where artemis takes her biology class. i don't really know why it has taken me so long to discover it; maybe i've been having such fun at grounded coffee or exploring the green space around the church where the class is held.

i think i was experiencing a resurgence of enthusiasm for playing pokemon go and was searching for more pokestops to replenish my supply of pokeballs, and that's when i found it: stone mansion at stoneybrooke park.

my first visit afforded me just enough time to walk around the whole perimeter:

i don't know why but this door makes me happy

the grounds behind the building; robins were just sitting there as i walked by

i think these signs are new or i've just started noticing them popping up. i like that i can breathe easier.

this path leads down into a residential area

this pavilion is park of the park and there's a playground structure with swings, too
my second visit was sunnier:

i like viewing sunlight through the leaves

i was surprised to see bamboo here; it's an invasive species discouraged in our town

the little yellows throughout the green made me smile
a much cooler third trip left me little time for photos as i chewed up all of my phone battery within 15 minutes of initiating an incense burner to attract pokemon. i did manage to catch several ghastlys, though. you can see the photos i took of some pinecones on a tree at the edge of the property here.

i wonder what it will look like next time.

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