Sunday, October 2, 2016

wet, yet wonderful

this weekend marked our third occasion for family camping with a local homeschool group. the wet weather kept some away; others were delayed in arriving, and we decided to head home early for a more restful sleeping experience on the second night. there were so many fulfilling moments, though, and enough photos for me to create a scrapbook and blog post.

our cabin friend

happy about getting the top bunk!

the tarps kept the teen dry until about 3 am

a light drizzle only mildly dampened our dreams for a roaring fire

but it was enough to alight the marshmallows & burn the jiffy-pop

my feet were happily toasty

news of my cooking breakfast meats spread quickly

the (late) morning was made much better with my chai

teens playing cards, dad reading, ander engaged in parcheesi with agreeable partners = happy me

doin' the dab
the game apples to apples was a big hit among the cadettes

a poncho & boots make for satisfying nature walks in the rain

his collection


budding photographer

he prefers my phone's camera for the variety of filters

how ander sees me
how steve sees me
how i see me

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