Monday, October 24, 2016


the air and scare at udvar-hazy was definitely heavy towards star wars characters again this year, but not for my kids, who eventually decided upon voltron: legendary defender.

artemis was pidge gunderson, complete with her own hand-crafted rover replica. ander, of course, did not want to be just the paladin of the black lion - he wanted to be voltron itself!

artemis created ander's entire costume and attended to many details

moving around in voltron's boxy body proved difficult for ander (especially in the heavy winds outside the building while we waited for entry) and he has plans to modify it prior to trick-or-treating. artemis is already at work creating paladin armor that will make her character more identifiable.

ander was glad to have gone this year, but i could tell he was disappointed by the shocking lack of galra opponents for him to fight; he was denied the opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a legendary defender of the universe. so he'll likely wear a jedi costume next year, confident that there will always be a battle available against those who embrace the dark side of the force.

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