Wednesday, August 17, 2016


and now, some selected excerpts* from this year's GISHWHES week

(the Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen)

Team CookieMonster

led by yours truly, the queen, exquisitelyloveable

with team free will: cas, moose, & squirrel

featuring slangaroo, this year's mascot

team art by diana

no k@le here, honest
making someone happy

sith serving jedi at a diner

bellossom planting blossoms at a pokestop


green eggs and ham on a boat with a goat

rainbow teeth

shipping myself

existential angst vs meaning of life


making someone happy

* these items were ones that i did, or steve was in, or the kids were in, or i participated somehow. there were many, many other items completed by team cookiemonster - a whopping 57 - but i'm not putting them all here. i'm still tired from the week and documenting it different places and serving in FEGVEP.

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