Thursday, August 11, 2016

a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

maybe not quite so long ago. nine years, actually. ander - this force of nature - was born to me, a mere mortal. i knew early on that he was different, that he was tuned in to things that remain a mystery to most others. i never have had his midichlorian count evaluated...

despite the fact that he'd been totally absorbed in binge-watching (and re-watching) every single episode of avatar: the last airbender and the legend of korra for the weeks prior, he was full-on back into star wars mode in time for his party.

we all needed to be in costume. obviously. diana was rey, i was queen amidala, steve was a jedi of some unidentified name/origin, and ander was obi-wan kenobi from episode iii: revenge of the sith.

showing off some lightsaber skillz

grandpa hap was foolish brave to take on these young jedi, even with a double-bladed darth maul weapon

i love that our friends get into the costuming spirit almost as much as we do

she is adorable as bb-8 and as herself

best seats in the house for viewing the force awakens

it must be a good party because someone fell asleep

friends to the end

steve made the cake with a bit of help from diana for the outlining.

chocolate cake underneath all that BLACK frosting

he's so happy grandma hap could come

silly faces

smiling faces

happy birthday, my young padawan.

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