Monday, June 27, 2016

stained glass

diana recently completed a series of three workshops for stained glass art at monroe stree studio (where she has also gained skills and experience working with 3d printing). under the tutelage of yana over several months, diana and her friend learned the skills required to make a single panel - cutting and grinding the glass, wrapping with copper foil, working with solder and flux and a soldering iron. yana started them with a basic design and allowed them their choice of colors.

in the next series of classes, the girls were permitted to create and use their own designs on a larger piece, applying increasing attentiveness and precision to the physical processes.

the third set of hours were concentrated on a three-dimensional project, an open box of sorts. true to herself, diana took this in a slightly different direction than yana expected (though yana has learned over the months that diana tends to be her own person, taking the skills and perspectives she learns and applying them in her own creative way to the project at hand. like with painting).

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