Thursday, June 9, 2016

rockets redux

dang, ander. back at it again with the rockets.

reaquainting himself (& snowball) with his model rockets
outfitting lego rocket with construction paper cover and cardstock fins attached with tape

describing his work process to dad, including a demonstration of balance

new design with cardboard tube base

electrical tape is easier to work with than duct tape

trying different sized circles to form nosecone

to achieve that perfect roll, first cut out a quarter circle, then an eighth

hot glue cardboard fins into place
final embellishments

shirt cardboard template for fins so they are identical in shape/size

tracing the template

wider, thicker cardboard tube, plus tape, decorations, and fins

decorating the fins

attaching nosecone with hot glue
he'd like to launch these but i am persuading him to purchase estes model rockets because we are more confident of their working with the engines and launch pads we already own, plus i'm not yet prepared to guide him through making our own homemade rocket fuel. to his credit he has watched enough youtube videos to list the necessary ingredients. he bought another ARF last night at the store and will search the online store with me soon to order an E2X so he can increase his skill at constructing launchable models.

i cherish how he wants to and actually does share this with us. he's been allowing me to document his work via still photos and video. he explains what he is doing, asks for feedback, and accepts suggestions and assistance. i think he really understands that his projects are important to the rest of us because they are important to him. his self-confidence and frustration tolerance and personal effort and focus and creative idea generation are currently at a peak. thank goodness for project-based homeschooling for showing me the way to foster this.