Tuesday, June 14, 2016


diana loves to paint now.

(she didn't always like to paint. in fact, i'm fairly certain she told me sometime in the last few years about how she liked working with pretty much any media other than acrylic on canvas. sure. ok. that was eons ago, mom. ancient history.)

yana at monroe street studio has really turned her on to it, though. beyond her 3d printing camp last summer, diana's done a LOT this year. that's for another post. about painting, though. . .

diana's work currently on display at the studio

last week diana requested that i take her to michael's to get some paint and canvases - she had to paint. who am i to say no to that?

just the starters to her new passion:

she's even moved things around in her room and off her desk to make a better work space for herself. she's figured out what she needs, gets those things, and goes to work. pbh win.

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