Sunday, June 19, 2016

model rocket launching, day 2

today was *the* day for epic model rocket launching. we'd had our practice yesterday. we were ready to bring out the family to kick off father's day with a bang. a model rocket kind of bang, at least.

ander demonstrates his modified parachute folding to diana

ander assists dad in reading dad's celebratory first launch

fabulous blast pattern on launch pad
we brought all the rockets we could conceivably launch, including the first rocket from the previous day with a reglued launch lug. we brought lots of igniters and plugs and engines. we brought a table for setup. we got outside early enough in the day to launch before all the soccer fields were occupied.

Launch of Athena (Steve):

Landing/Recovery of Shooting Star (Ander's launch):

Launch of Scrappy (Diana):

Recovery of Outlaw (Dawn's launch):

Second Launch of Athena (Steve):

Launch of Slinger (Ander prep):

Landing of Summit (Ander's launch):

Launch of Alpha III (Diana):

everything that we wanted to launch launched. we replaced faulty igniters. we reattached clips. we did lose one nose cone & parachute when scrappy's shock cord separated from the body tube, but we can replace that.

all of our prep and practice and patience paid off. today was AWESOME.

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  1. Very cool. I haven't ever launched a rocket.