Sunday, June 19, 2016

model rocket launching, day 1

practice for the *real* thing on father's day: me and ander. picture this:

- pick out four rockets.

- practice and practice and practice getting the parachute and cords rolled properly and inserted into the body tube.

- select appropriate engines. load with igniters and plugs.

- head outside to pre-approved launch site.

- attempt to launch rocket 1. launch lug fell off. abort launch attempt.

- attempt to launch rocket 2. failure to launch. check equipment. try again. fail to launch. much disappointment.

attempt to launch rocket 3: success!

attempt to launch rocket 4: see results for rocket 2.

attempt to launch rocket 3 again with unused engine from rocket 1: successful launch into stratosphere. no recovery expected.

lessons learned:

- parachute rolling can be tricky. reasonable modifications are permissible.

- sometimes rockets fail to launch. it happens. we don't give up.

- sometimes rockets launch and don't come back. we'll miss you, EX-200.

- faulty igniters can be the cause of many a rocket launch failure and much consternation. bring backups.

- a good launch is awesome!

and now for day 2

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