Friday, June 10, 2016


i love the internet. i love how i can google *collective nouns for birds* and come upon treasures listed right at the top. it has distracted me from my task of writing about the birds we have seen recently at our feeders but it's a nice distraction.

back to birds.

remember that suet feeder i posted about? well, i've seen my share of downy & hairy woodpeckers, even an occasional red-bellied. but one day, out of the corner of my eye, i saw a HUGE thing out the window. IT WAS A BONA-FIDE PILEATED WOODPECKER. ON MY SUET FEEDER.

i can hardly believe it did not move away as i quietly crept up towards the window with my phone. (photos or it didn't happen, amiright?)

the catbirds are messy and drop bits of suet into the hanging flower basket and they are destroying said flowers by digging up the dropped bits. they like to swoop down on top of the feeder and fight the downy woodpeckers, which bothers me because there is a pair of the downies who perch side-by-side to eat together without calamity. all of them are chased away by the occasional red-bellied woodpecker:

i really do need to wash that window. and clean my camera lens. or both.

i recently purchased and hung up a tube feeder with thistle for the goldfinches, a pair of whom we have named justin and genevieve finch-fletchley, and they have JUST TODAY AS OF THE TIME I AM EDITING THIS POST tried it out. they had been ignoring it favor of the cayenne-peppered sunflower bits in the squirrel-buster feeder. they and the chickadees like it, as do the nuthatches and tufted titmice until cardinals fang and biggles (male and female, respectively) show up and scare everyone else away.

cardinal fang, the male

cardinal biggles, the female

american goldfinch male & female

brighter photo of the male, justin

chipping sparrows tend to stay on the covered porch deck (pictured above), while the house wrens give full voice on the upper railing.

i. love. my. birbs. every moment i see them is a moment i cherish.

my current favorite collective nouns:

a chime of wrens

a descent of woodpeckers

a tournament of chipping sparrows

a shimmer of hummingbirds

a charm of finches

a banditry of chickadees

a conclave of cardinals

a mewing of catbirds

hey, i also finally really, truly heard and recognized an actual mockingbird. i suspect we have some here, but now i know from my own experience how their songs work, so i'll keep my ears open for them.

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