Monday, May 30, 2016

so that i may have a post for the merry month of may

not that i haven't been doing things or taking pictures, it's just more likely that i've been sharing them via other platforms (i'm on tumblr now, so help me) or not at all. i'm livin' in the moment and cherishing the heck out of stuff, people.

LEGO Minecraft Engineering after-school program

he got them for me *just because*

may the fourth be with you. or else.

new set acquired at Scouting for Bricks LEGO event

tending her new plants

rare selfie. people kept telling me i was sitting in a beautiful spot, so i decided to see if they were right.

young artist at work. back to line drawings, adding watercolor. her art makes me ridiculously happy.

moo-thru reward for (my) last day sorting through GM's earthly possessions. raspberry & tangerine sorbets.
i. adore. my. daughter.

visiting with newest neighbor on the block. ander offered to be his first friend and really wants to  impart his wisdom upon the unsuspecting youth.
so involved in *the magic school bus bakes a cake: kitchen chemistry* that he insisted on making his own, with dad as sous chef and color mixer

petra on her favorite person perch, diana's shoulder

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