Monday, April 11, 2016

meet the new girls

we were all pretty sad when prince ivan came to the end of his long life just over a month ago. he was gradually declining in health, but we made him comfortable and had our opportunities to say farewell. diana knew that she wanted more ratties, so we started looking around for a new pair to adopt (rats are social and thrive with company, so they shouldn't be intended as solitary pets). fortunately, we found a rescue resource that offered us an option to choose among several female babies from litters born around the same time (they'd also been cross-nursed by the mothers and handled every day to be comfortable with people).

now willo and petra have come to join us in their forever home.

i can't yet tell them apart, but diana can easily identify them by the depth of color in their eyes, their specific markings and color patterns, and by their temperaments. and they've only been with us for a day! they are sweet and chittery and curious and just darling.

photo credit goes to diana. she's much more comfortable sharing her selfies than of any photos i take, and she gave me permission to post these.


more kisses

on the move

action rat!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. But welcome, new little ones. I shall meet you someday!