Monday, March 7, 2016


did i mention i have a *thing* for misha collins? i like him.

he started this charitable organization called random acts. i like it.

i also like puns. so, when i learned about AMOK (annual melee of kindness), i *knew* i needed to be a part of it. (who doesn't like running amok?)

so, here's what i did:

  • purchased snack items, hand sanitizer, reuseable water bottles, plastic rain ponchos, and packs of camper/hiker-style handwarmers and footwarmers
  • gathered together all the dozen or so hats i knitted with donated yarn over the holiday break from school
  • organized and labeled them in english and spanish
  • put them in front of the local library where i knew they would be seen and hopefully taken
within a 24-hour period, everything save a handful of hats were taken!

part deux:

according to random act's values, being kind is fun. this is so very, very true. i cherish acts of kindness, whether i am giving or receiving.

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