Monday, February 29, 2016

celebrate your fandom


i've heard it's an abbreviation for *fanatic domain* and that about covers it.

i consider myself to have been or currently be a member of several fandoms, beyond my infatuation with david tennant's hair when he played the 10th doctor and all-things-benedict cumberbatch when he eventually plays sherlock again is my heads-over-heels level 9 fangirling over sci-fi tv series supernatural. i blame it all on my daughter, who dragged my reluctant self into watching it from the beginning thanks to netflix. sure, she skipped past some episodes in seasons 1-4 because i was anxious to meet castiel - she talked about him ever so much - and i have been increasingly interested in all things relating to the trenchcoat-wearing, head-tilting, keeps-making-mistakes-but-his-heart's-in-the-right-place, probably-autistic angel and the stunningly attractive, amusing, and amazing actor who plays him, misha collins.

misha as castiel. swoon.
but i digress even before i really got started with this post. sigh. i have a thing for blue eyes on particular people. fortunately, i'm married to one of them.


diana has planned some pretty epic parties for her birthdays. the one to celebrate her recently-elevated status to teenager was no exception. i think her theme reflected her social maturity and welcoming inclusion of everyone to their own comfort level. working under the assumption that everyone has something they really, really like and that (outside of conventions or events geared toward a particular interest group) girls around her age might not have a comfortable opportunity to or person with whom to share their deep interests, she decided to celebrate the quiddity of fandoms. there was something for everyone because she had the notion to discover and research what her guests liked to watch and read and discuss and cosplay and totally geek-out over.

diana basically did it all herself this year. she planned more efficiently than ever before and was very effective at handling the design and execution of this pbh project. there was very little i needed to do before or during,  she's proud of herself and i had so much fun.

diana made the decorations:

game of thrones font
train platform for hogwarts express from harry potter
(entrance-to-kitchen) tardis from doctor who
end portal from minecraft
bullet holes from sherlock
theme during rose's era in doctor who
duck wisdom from peep and the big wide world

daddy was again in charge of making the cake, but diana took on a much larger role in the creative planning and productionthis year, including making the wings and decorating the cake with symbols from the many, many fandoms,

a simple quidditch trunk was lifted to reveal . . .

a golden snitch cake!
i made tiny tartlets because supernatural's dean loves him some pie
biscuits from finishing school book series
we made our own dark chocolate delicacies from harry potter
of course there would be tea (peppermint, diana's favorite) from doctor who

the giffard airship featured in the parasol protectorate book series
what good story line doesn't include a weapon of some kind? none, apparently, so diana invited her guests to make their own weapons from the various materials we always seem to have on hand. these instruments of destruction were liberally applied towards the pinata with not-unexpected minor success.

homemade weaponry, including but not limited to knives, swords, guns, magic wands, a bow and arrows, and a parasol

star killer base from star wars: the force awakens
diana asked me to handle henna tattoos for interested guests. this octopus on her hand turned out nicely after the henna dried.

another big activity diana planned was a matching game. she selected characters from the fandoms she and her guests liked and printed their photos to put them up on the wall. she also researched quotes from each of the characters, printing and cutting out a set for each of her guests. the object of the game was to match each quote to the correct character, plus identify the correct fandom for those characters. much easier said than done, and there was much discussion and flitting about and concentration and frustration and making changes and laughter. lots and lots of laughter. each guest was pleased to have something they liked included in the activity.

before the matching
after the matching
i don't think everyone finished, and we did run out of time, so we never discovered who knew the fandoms best. (probably best that way - fans can be so competitive sometimes.)

not having gained permission from the guests to share their photos on social media, i cannot show you how awesome the cosplaying guests looked, but rest assured, they were great! we had a katniss everdeen from the hunger games, hermione (complete with crookshanks) from harry potter, pearl from steven universe, and a tardis from doctor who, ander vacillated on his costume of choice, finally settling on dc comics' green lantern. i was abaddon, a knight of hell from supernatural, and diana? well, she put a great deal of panache into her character of alexia tarabotti from the parasol protectorate book series.

she taught me about chatelaines

do NOT mess with me, crowley! i just got my head back! long live the queen!
one of the little gestures diana made was quite touching to me. she fashioned mini notebooks of index cards and scrapbook paper and attached a small pencil. these were offered to her guests at the beginning of the party in the hopes that, if a guest discovered an interest in some different universe - a movie, a television series, a book series, a genre, a type of art, anything - she could take notes and bring them home. those little lists could be the source of inspiration for new exploration.

needless to say, this was another event that we'll cherish for a long, long time.

fandoms represented:
gail carriger's parasol protectorate (book series)
supernatural (television show)
doctor who (reboot BBC series)
sherlock (BBC series)
star wars (movies)
harry potter (book series & movies)
peep and the big wide world (television series)
the hunger games (book series & movies)
steven universe (television series)
minecraft (the game)
warriors (book series)
icarly (television series)

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  1. I love how the PBH really shines through. It's as if she is mentoring her friends!

    Happy Birthday Diana!