Tuesday, June 30, 2015

in memoriam

july 2013- june 2015

photos from his last month. he was extra snuggly, eating from our hands, cuddling on the couch, even napping next to us.

we miss you so much, little rumpled rattie boy. thanks for the memories. we'll take good care of your brother.

Monday, June 29, 2015

the busyness of bees

we have what i think is a golden rain tree out back. the blossoms have recently made their appearance and it has drawn the bees to it in droves. finally, i get to see and hear the bees close to home.

i've been told this is a bumble bee and the yellow on its abdomen is where they collect pollen. pollen baskets. lovely.

i cannot seem to id this species, though. maybe carpenter.

Friday, June 26, 2015

just plane fun

daddy-son trip, summer 2015

ander wanted to fly. mostly, he wanted takeoffs and landings. on southwest planes. so, steve arranged for and accompanied ander on a two-day trip where it was much more about the journey than the destination.

two flights on day one. overnight in st. louis, including dinner with friends. next morning featured a ride to the top of the arch, then two flights home. yep. lots and lots of hours in airports and airplanes because that's what ander thought would be fun. and he was right. best. trip. ever.

note: steve and ander took these photos. ander tends to avoid being in pictures, especially in group shots with others, but i asked if he would be willing to take selfies along the way so i can make him a scrapbook of his trip just like i have done for steve and diana.  ander graciously acquiesced and has given his approval for my sharing these in a more public forum.
i played chauffeur to the airport for my men
he doesn't mind love from mama
but he's ready to go already!

escalators are possibly more fun than elevators
our special girls took very good care of my boys for their dinner: all of ander's favorites

even more fun than escalators
shopping spoils, including the ubiquitous-and-always-satisfying hot wheels

mission accomplished!
it was enough for ander.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


goddess of the hunt. that's my girl.

she took up a bow and arrows for her first archery lesson this weekend, thanks to the girl scouts. one of her best friends, also a cadette, was attending her second session with this leader/guide.

first there were the presentations about archery, including safety lessons. then the range instructions.

with practice and fine tuning, she achieved several bulls-eyes.

some of the girls were finished early, but diana and her troop sisters stayed until the very end, relishing the chance to shoot at will towards their own targets.

artemis. yes. we named her well.

Friday, June 5, 2015

beautiful things

more beauty at meadowlark with my girlfriend. we found these things whilst strolling on paths i had not tread before. green frogs, catbirds, robins, swallows, geese, and a mockingbird were our only companions on the cool, grey, wet morning. perfection.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

a train, a train!

grandpa called us up about a week ago and invited us to meet him and grandma to ride a train. an honest-to-goodness coal-burning steam locomotive train. just for fun.

those guys are full of great ideas, like going to the racetrack last year. so of course we went.

it took us just about an hour to get to our boarding location on the walkersville southern railroad. the drive towards frederick, md is lovely, once you get past leesburg and start heading toward the village of lucketts, crossing the potomac is always fun.

despite the day's heat and the surprisingly loud hisses of steam being periodically released from the locomotive as it patiently waited for us to board, we found our spots for the journey. ander knew even before we arrived that he wanted to ride in the caboose. he and daddy made a beeline for it and staked their claim on the cupola.

photo by steve

photo by steve

selfie with ander

photo by steve
the rest us wanted a little more space to sit and enjoy the ride.

grandpa & diana

grandma & me

i thought the rust pattern was actually quite lovely

monocacy river

me & my best girl

ander & grandma

grandpa telling one of his exciting stories about growing up around trains

the ticket office and museum were fun to explore, too.

a great afternoon was had by all.

addendum: grandpa's friend, engineer wayne, sent a link to a drone video of the train we rode on!