Thursday, December 31, 2015

holiday happiness, part 2

more of my moments to keep the christmas spirit going through the whole season (until january 6, epiphany). revisiting last year helps me to remember what to look for.

back to meadowlark, this time with the kids and a friend for them and steve (for me):

me and my man near the marshmallow-roasting fire

he IS dashing, wouldn't you agree?

a drizzly evening kept may patrons away until later, leaving the space delightfully open for us to be comfortable

i thought particularly of my friend angie as i gazed at these

ander embodies this better than anyone else i know

me and my young mr. scrooge

i realized i needed to change things up for our family's celebration of winter solstice. so i rented a fire pit from the nature center and collected fallen wood around our neighborhood and invited some friends to join us to watch the fire and roast marshmallows and just hang out. we sang the song and hugged and i think this was just about the best idea i've had in a while. definitely doing this again next year.

me tending my winter solstice fire, with a friend looking on

we've now all seen star wars: the force awakens. yes, even ander, made possible by a sensory-friendly showing (to lower the sound - the volume is overwhelming to him and to me) and movie popcorn without the extra butter-flavoring and plenty of spoilers and explanations from steve and diana before the movie (and during. and after. it had some pretty profound moments in there, after all.)

ander posing with kylo ren after viewing *the force awakens.* yes, we bought that lightsaber, too. it has light and sound and is an awesome addition to our collection
my fantastically beautiful daughter has been exploring her artistic creativity with her own body. she actually let me bleach her bangs and color them. i love it.

i am so pleased she allows me to share some of her selfies
so now the year is coming to a close and the kids are playing together in their epic pillow fort and i am thinking about my word of intention for 2016 whilst sitting in my pajamas.

good times, people. so say we all.

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  1. Wonderful post, fantastic photos! Yes, keep the Christmas spirit going.