Tuesday, November 10, 2015

campfire cooking - the girl scout way!

one of the things i get to do as an advisor to the cadettes in our troop is learn. i am never too old to learn something.

i attended enrichment training to explore beyond the basics of campfire cooking (involving putting something on a stick and heating it). this focused on using cast-iron dutch ovens and foil packets.

onion, ground beef, baby carrots, sliced red potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, cauliflower & garlic powder

properly prepared foil packets will nicely steam the contents
at our last meeting, we invited our certified camping/cooking girl scout dad to teach us how to bake a cake using a box oven. the girls worked at lighting charcoal briquettes (instead of building a fire) to use in the box oven and for the cast-iron dutch oven to compare baking methods.

diana preparing an area for the dutch oven

blinky removed the very hot dutch oven lid

to reveal a perfectly-baked spice cake
photo by someone else of the very decorative box oven

photo by someone else of the very functional box oven - look at that beautiful chocolate cake!
so many ideas, so many opportunities!

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  1. Looks delicious & I love the decorative tape on the box :)
    A small :( for the dangling bandana ;)