Monday, October 26, 2015

skyscraper design

diana recently finished up another arKIDtecture class at compass. this time the focus was on building skyscrapers.

it was an intense seven weeks. i think it helped that diana and some of her classmates had some experience with the process, having done it in the spring for a single home design class. but still, having one fewer week in the session plus the added study of the details in what makes a skyscraper, the teacher pushed these 7-9th graders to really see what they could accomplish.

i was amazed to see how diana found her own ways and times to get into her creative flow. *she* broke the large task into manageable chunks and scheduled them around her other activities. her self-induced drive to be creative and attentive in the details her work brought out some of the worst but mostly the best in her. i was grateful when *she* would invite me to look at different elements and ask for feedback and initiate discussions about design concepts and decisions. to witness *her* struggles and heartfelt effort and mistakes and recovery and revisions and then to see her emerge confident and proud of what she had created was beautiful to behold.

my apologies in advance for viewing difficulties of the lines. these construction documents, especially the elevation, were done in pencil and the time & effort necessary to make them darker for greater visibility was just prohibitive for this project.

#pbh at the heart, baby!

presentation of charette
ground floor is lobby

prismed glass roof to create rooftop greenhouse space
fabulous details

color and furnishing options

hexagonal design has two mirrored apartments on each of 15 floors. i especially love how the patio space is accessible to both dining and living rooms to enlarge it and allow the outside in.

enthusiastic presentation to audience of classmates & parents

proposed skyline of student works, including residential, retail, & office spaces, manufacturing, military, dance academy/performance hall, and library. looks like a nice place to live.

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