Friday, October 30, 2015

back in time

the year is 1525. the place is revel grove, oxfordshire, england. plenty of room for cosplay & revelry. this is the maryland renaissance festival.

many of these delightful photos were taken by steve or shari (our comrade-in-arms for this adventure). that's how i appear in a few of them :)

once we got through the loooong, tedious traffic in order to park, this was a welcome sight.

we saw these "tree people" all day, walking and chanting everywhere they went
first things first - gotta get some food

not quite the "badger & sword" pub we'd hoped for, but close
about time my son was properly fitted for his own weapon

his size belies his ferocity with a sword
the kids' play area's pirate ship was BRILLIANT

archery demonstration

methinks a pagan forest god or green man

cheerleader for the jousting

king henry viii & catherine of aragon

a jousting challenger from the holy roman empire


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  1. Methinks thou hast commemorated this fair in a light most favourable and befitting our troupe of merry adventurers! And I would be most honoured if thou wouldst share thine own photos for my scrapbooking!