Sunday, October 25, 2015


we went to our first air & scare at the smithsonian air & space museum, udvar-hazy center two years ago. my memory was of long lines and lots of people and my son in a particularly adorable costume which he did not want to wear once we got there. so ander and i sat it out last year, letting diana and steve attend with friends.

this year was different, though. with ander's increasing exploration of All Things Star Wars, his eyes were drawn to a photo of star wars character cosplay and he asked where it would happen and please could he go.

with much trepidation and very low expectations on my part, we made the arrangements to attend. it was worth every moment.

easy entry to parking lot. quick-moving line to get inside. catching up with friends even before we got in the door. gracious and patient cosplayers and volunteers and staff and other families with trick-or-treaters. sooo many fellow vaders.

dodging all but one candy station and bypassing the activities, ander was on a focused mission to find jedi kids to battle. he was not disappointed, though i think the parents of most of the other children wished that there wouldn't be so much light sabering happening. fortunately, we found some open space and a couple of willing opponents. in between there were nods of recognition among the other young sith, appreciation of and attention to detail by other young jedi, stormtroopers, and bounty hunters, and animated spottings of chewbaccas, han solos, princess leias, jabbas the hut, a sand creature and some of the most darling little yodas ever. ander easily found his people there among the crowds.

plenty of kids were drawn to ander's enthusiasm and charisma. one young girl, about ander's height and dressed in a classy-looking supergirl costume, came out of a candy line in order to express her admiration for him. another tiny boy in a delightfully accurate-looking bb-8 astromech droid spent some time exploring ander's mask and light saber and the two had fun playing chase in a safe space.

also lots of photo opportunities, because he could wear his mask and there were NO EVIL BLINDING FLASHES from cameras.

standing in line to get in: legolas, darth vader, zom-bee

fear me! i command the power of the dark side of the force!

bee-utiful and creepy at the same time.i think it was the effect she was going for.

with ahsoka

with sand troopers

with boba fett

r5-d8 astromech driod

droids with attendant jawa


with r2-d2

with biggs

with tie fighter pilot

with imperial officer

big darth & little darth

battling obi-wan kenobi

battling luke skywalker

it was a really, really good time. good enough that ander woke up happily reminiscing about having met and dueled with *young luke* and asking to go again next year dressed as a jedi so he could find sith kids to battle. sure, little buddy. so much yes.