Thursday, September 24, 2015


they went back downtown for their annual daddy-daughter trip. diana enjoyed herself so much last year - and knew there are still so many things to see - in washington, dc that she requested a second visit. part of the fun in these one-on-one trips with the children is the collaboration steve has in planning with them.

it's typically a summer trip, but this year they opted for just after the beginning of school for ander, when the weather might be a bit cooler and between the summer tourists season and the onset of school field trips.

staying at a hotel downtown is good for so many reasons. it feels like a vacation because it's away from home. with no mother or brother to accommodate (which she so often does) diana could relax and enjoy being in the company of her dad. they watched prime-time tv. they ordered room service. they read books and played cards. they shopped. they ate. they came and went when they pleased, not around anyone's schedule or whims but their own.

national building museum:

especially cool considering diana's continued interest in and study of architecture
look at these marble columns:

shopping at beadazzled:

she still loves tiny things:

dinner at del frisco's:

artesian water from norway

perfectly satisfied with lobster bisque

the u.s.capitol, where the dome restoration is ongoing (visit this website to see more about the architecture)

st least they could still see the apotheosis of washington

in the national statuary hall

liberty and the eagle sculpture

united airlines flight 93 memorial plaque

the spot where dc is divided into four quadrants; the capitol crypt

at the supreme court

declared to be the best. pizza. ever.
national museum of crime and punishment, which, sadly, closes at the end of this month.

don't be sad. she'll escape through the hole in the wall.

steve was a wee bit cranky about this visualization. it didn't take long for diana to understand why. we're so proud of our budding analyst.

the two of them actually went to alcatraz years back.

this captured diana's eye, if for no other reason than it bucked the trend of realistic drawing for other portraits around it

diana herself was the subject of an artist on the metro who felt like sketching her. she. IS. art.

photos in this post were taken by steve, except that one of him in front of the supreme court, which was taken by diana


  1. wow, so much fun! :)

    and i LOVE your summer gif — made by diana, i presume!

    1. of course! <3

      i've already put my request for a fall gif into her busy queue.