Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the third dimension

diana attended a single camp this summer. we were going for an absolutely camp-free season but this one, well she had to do it.

it was 3d printing for fun, a one-week session at the lovely monroe street studio. we are really, really glad to have learned about this local gem, because it very well might be the creative center diana has longed for since leaving the davis art center in davis, ca. there, she had studied dance and clay and painting and weaving. but here? here she learned how to use digital sculpting software to design her own images and then print them on makerbot replicators. seriously. none of this *learn how to design and then ship the file off somewhere else and they send you the printed thingy.* we watched them as they printed. whoa.

among the variety of things she printed, not all of which are shown, include:

an army of tiny pumpkins, downloaded from thingiverse
3d selfie from scan using Xbox  Kinect Skanect technology
a design made in minecraft

charms also made in minecraft
(i LOVE these charms that she designed on her own in minecraft. perfect tiny talismen.)

horseshoe: luck (good or bad, depending on direction)
crossroads: decision
abc: learning
heart: love
light bulb: idea
camera: capture this moment
sword: "badness & stuff"

she made friends with the students in a concurrent camp for stained glass and has decided she wants to try that, too. fortunately, the studio owners understand that homeschoolers can have more flexibility in their schedules, so she'll be able to sign up for a daytime class.

have i mentioned that we really like this place? it certainly has enough for us.

for those interested in learning about how to create things for 3d printing, here are the FREE software packages diana learned how to use:





and if you are local and want to know more about the studio beyond the website, please check them out on facebook. yana and her husband are lovely people.

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