Monday, August 17, 2015

on the lake

while diana was in her afternoon summer camp, ander and i had some time to ourselves. we mostly played minecraft or legos or watched our his favorite movies complete with our own commentary running throughout.

but on one beautiful, sunny, warm day, ander asked me to take him canoeing. he remembered canoeing in california at family camp and with gammy & papou in ohio.

when we arrived at lake fairfax, we learned that canoes were not available for rental, but paddleboats were. he agreed to this change of plans and i am so glad he did. such wonderful moments together.

the water sparkled almost as much as our green conveyance. ander directed and powered us for much of the time. he's a strong and capable engine.

gazing at the pontoon boat and waiting to rock in the waves of its wake

graceful goose families and sunning turtles comprised most of our company on that quiet ride

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