Thursday, July 9, 2015

spectacular spectacle

we enjoy fireworks, if by fireworks you mean watching them from far enough away that they aren't too loud or bright or scary. (or for me, too hot or humid or buggy outside).

i grew up experiencing red, white & boom in columbus, OH, listening to the orchestra play in time with the famlight show. over the years i have watched fireworks displays near galesburg, IL as is tradition with with steve's relatives' family reunions. as diana and ander have grown, each year is a different experience for us, depending on where we are, whom we are with, the weather, and our collective moods and comfort levels.

our dear friends from st. louis were in town with us for a visit. they were not particularly interested in going to see fireworks, though i'm certain they would have come along if we had planned an excursion. at first, i thought we might indulge in an extravaganza of explosives we could purchase from any number of roadside stands, but seeing their expense, i opted for a honkin' big box o' sparklers.

best. decision. ever. diana and ander liked seeing the larger fireworks on the 3rd in our parking lot set off by our neighbors and their guests. diana was somewhat disappointed that i did not purchase some for ourselves, but i think she was appeased by the number of sparklers she could light up herself. all three kids danced and posed and admired their own tiny, quiet, handheld fireworks displays.

holding a flower sparkler, a gift given to diana by our neighbors the night before.

oh, just for fun, our family photo taken by marin to show off our individually-designed-and-crafted patriotic shirts. a spectacle, indeed.

ander doesn't care to be in group photos much. he agreed to be in it on the condition that he did not have to show his face. of course we accommodated. he just might have been a bit warm from being outside playing with sparklers with his patriotic shirt on over his space pajamas. as you do.

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