Tuesday, July 21, 2015

book artist

heavily engrossed in her various projects this past academic year, diana wisely, i think, opted to defer working on some of her girl scout cadette badges until summertime. we deliberately chose NOT to enroll in any summer camps (though we simply had to get in on the 3d printing workshop camp for a week next month at a local art & creative technology center. had to.) so that we could leave lots of blocks of open, unscheduled time.

when diana was done with her academic schedule (meaning, we gave her a test to submit scores for evidence of academic progress and then declared her to be done), she and i talked about what she wanted to do. she had liked my suggestion of doing a badge mini-camp, spending time every day for a week to focus on all of the essential elements of a particular badge. she thought it would be more fun to do this with a friend, and we were all pleased that taryn agreed to participate.

the girls had looked through all the possibilities, narrowed down their own lists of choices, found the similarities, and eventually settled on book artist. i helped identify a week and time block that could work for the three of us and diana took over from there, planning the schedule and activities and collecting supplies.

at first, i just wandered about the house, occasionally peeking in to see if i could be of some use, but learned that i was not needed. the girls collaborated and compared and discussed and decided.

diana invited me to get involved about halfway through when they started to make their own books. she told me about different techniques and options and pros and cons. for multiple hours over three days, we tried and failed and changed and succeeded and followed our own paths and shared with each other.

i actually hand-stitched actual pieces of paper together with thread!

hot glue gun - an essential tool for our work

lots of papers and cardboards and good cutting tools

diana's book in progress

taryn adding decorative edging to her pages

checking the outer binding

rubber stamps for the win!

diana's cookbook (left). taryn's journal (right)

happy book artists
after we were all done, steve served as our primary appreciative audience member. i asked both girls to tell us what surprised them about the process, if and how things ended up compared to what they had originally envisioned, where they encountered problems and how they managed those situations. we all came out of this week having learned quite a bit about what we like to learn, with whom we like to learn, and what we need to do to make an experience meaningful to us. it was enough for us to call it a success. i also consider it to be a pbh mentoring win for me.

now i have a proper birding journal