Friday, June 26, 2015

just plane fun

daddy-son trip, summer 2015

ander wanted to fly. mostly, he wanted takeoffs and landings. on southwest planes. so, steve arranged for and accompanied ander on a two-day trip where it was much more about the journey than the destination.

two flights on day one. overnight in st. louis, including dinner with friends. next morning featured a ride to the top of the arch, then two flights home. yep. lots and lots of hours in airports and airplanes because that's what ander thought would be fun. and he was right. best. trip. ever.

note: steve and ander took these photos. ander tends to avoid being in pictures, especially in group shots with others, but i asked if he would be willing to take selfies along the way so i can make him a scrapbook of his trip just like i have done for steve and diana.  ander graciously acquiesced and has given his approval for my sharing these in a more public forum.
i played chauffeur to the airport for my men
he doesn't mind love from mama
but he's ready to go already!

escalators are possibly more fun than elevators
our special girls took very good care of my boys for their dinner: all of ander's favorites

even more fun than escalators
shopping spoils, including the ubiquitous-and-always-satisfying hot wheels

mission accomplished!
it was enough for ander.

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  1. Love, love love!!! Dale loved and still loves planes. Love your focus on the journey and enough. Miss you! XXOOLisa