Thursday, June 4, 2015

a train, a train!

grandpa called us up about a week ago and invited us to meet him and grandma to ride a train. an honest-to-goodness coal-burning steam locomotive train. just for fun.

those guys are full of great ideas, like going to the racetrack last year. so of course we went.

it took us just about an hour to get to our boarding location on the walkersville southern railroad. the drive towards frederick, md is lovely, once you get past leesburg and start heading toward the village of lucketts, crossing the potomac is always fun.

despite the day's heat and the surprisingly loud hisses of steam being periodically released from the locomotive as it patiently waited for us to board, we found our spots for the journey. ander knew even before we arrived that he wanted to ride in the caboose. he and daddy made a beeline for it and staked their claim on the cupola.

photo by steve

photo by steve

selfie with ander

photo by steve
the rest us wanted a little more space to sit and enjoy the ride.

grandpa & diana

grandma & me

i thought the rust pattern was actually quite lovely

monocacy river

me & my best girl

ander & grandma

grandpa telling one of his exciting stories about growing up around trains

the ticket office and museum were fun to explore, too.

a great afternoon was had by all.

addendum: grandpa's friend, engineer wayne, sent a link to a drone video of the train we rode on!

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  1. Brilliant. We are hoping to do a steam train ride this summer I will remember to pack ear protectors because you never know!