Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mother's day at meadowlark

my mother's day this year was lovely, thanks for asking. ander made me a beautiful card, diana drew my portrait, steve got us takeout for dinner, and i spent a relaxed afternoon in the company of a treasured friend, investigating what we could find at meadowlark botanical gardens.

i had never been there in the daytime; the one and only time i've gone was for the walk of lights in the winter. my friend knows this place well, so she guided me along shaded paths and relatively quiet spaces to look at flowers and trees and plants and birds and fish and a speedy little lizard (or maybe a skink? it was too fast for us to tell).

bleeding hearts

i think this looks like a little girl with a giant pink hairdo & funny pigtails, with a graceful, long neck and rounded collar

pansies. they have furry faces.

japanese maple

more of the maple. we had one at our house in CA and i miss it so.
'ambassador' allium

'ambassador' allium

can you see the bee?

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same peony

different peony


another peony. i like them. we had some at our house in IL.

red-eared slider. so many of these turtles gathered together near us as we leaned over the bridge railing

also the koi
canada geese and their goslings

we saw cardinals, catbirds, and canada geese (oh, my!). swooping swallows and a bathing grackle and plenty of others whose songs we heard but could not identify. the goslings were particularly precious as they burbled and bobbed and occasionally sat down right where they were to take a brief rest. we stayed very, very still and quiet enough that the whole feathered family trooped past us with nary a concerned look or hiss in our direction.

i was perfectly content being there with my friend. she understands *enough* and exemplifies *embrace* for me. i was refreshed and renewed and returned to my family refilled with love and patience for everyone, including myself.

i really like how diana drew me. i feel pretty.

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  1. what a wonderful day. :) happy mother’s day, friend xoxoxo