Friday, May 15, 2015

morning larking-about

my sweet friend and i went back to meadowlark this morning to see if more peonies had bloomed and to look at the water lilies. we didn't make it to the korean bell garden, so that just means we have yet another reason to return again.

we were in tremendous luck today with animal spotting: stopping to gaze at a brilliant male cardinal, we spied the movements of two plump, furry woodchucks galumphing on the grass next to the tree line.

while sitting on a bench near lake gardiner, we listened to bird songs and were treated to the sight of male red-winged blackbirds. we suspected that there might have been a nest or two among the fluffy cattails. perhaps the brownish birds further down were the females.

swooping over the water were most likely tree swallows; the iridescent blue on the backs shone brilliantly in the direct sunlight.

passing by the sunning turtles, we saw a flash of shiny black and immediately knew it was a grackle. it sat there for a while up in the tree, preening as i attempted to photograph it. meanwhile, a bullfrog harumphed at us from across the water.

our resting bench near this point was covered in pretty lichen.

asters or daisies?
we spotted a most mysterious bird that my phone apps were entirely useless in identifying. we could tell it was a heron with its long neck, and the bright orange feet were striking. i have not checked with my friend's independent analysis, but looking through all about birds later at home, i really think it could have been a yellow-crowned night heron. update: she thinks it's a green heron. after additional image searching, i must admit to agreeing with her.

walking over to lake lina, we saw a family of canada geese resting in the grass. a short while later, as we looked at the bald cypress knees and water lilies not yet in bloom, the family wandered past, ignoring us completely.

past the pitcher plants we saw more peonies in bloom, but there are still so many yet to open.

the 'ambassador' allium has started to show itself.

yellow pansies



this morning's lark was enough for me, almost. i left before i was ready so that i would want to come again.

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