Sunday, May 17, 2015

alternative food photos

i'm not on instagram. i don't typically tweet or post on facebook about food (though i have been known to do so).

but this is totally different.

this is what happens when you have some creative kids together in the same house and you suggest switching to play doh from legos for a change of texture and getting to stand up and move around instead of sitting on the floor.

the mamas sat comfortably on the sofa and chat, while the young chefs prepare artisanal offerings.

take that, you foodies! who's living the high life now?

vegetable tray

crackers, cheeses, uncured meats

mini beef patties. i inquired if they were 100% organically-raised, grass-fed angus beef but the server was uncertain.

tomato salad

toast with butter

pasta with veggie ball

veggie-stuffed raviolis with meat and tomatoes

raspberry and blackberry tarts

un petit gateau


dippin' dots
needless to say, no one went hungry.

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