Friday, April 3, 2015

the joke's on me

someone in the house got very excited about april fool's day pranks. about playing them on others, that is.

i woke up in the morning, put on my glasses, and couldn't see anything because perfectly-cut white paper was taped to the lenses.

in the kitchen, i opened the refrigerator door to these:

as i reached for my mug and can of chai mix, i found these:

heating my water in the microwave led me to this:

and she had done this:

she had to prompt me to discover another prank. she asked if i had made out her list for the day. i had not yet, but i wouldn't have been able to, as it turned out. she had located and then hidden every. last. writing. implement. in. the. house.

it was a good thing she didn't hide my chai. that wouldn't have worked out too well for her living long enough to reach teenager-hood.

when did she do all this? after we went to bed? before we woke up? NO. she did it while we were around and doing other things. her antics went unnoticed until she intended them to be seen.

she's good. good enough, at least, to fool this mama this year.


  1. LOL I LOVE the eyes on everything in the cupboards! Spookeh! ( here from a 'favourite star' on Twitter!! X )