Sunday, April 26, 2015

earth day

more girl scout greening. we were so useful in volunteering for arbor day work. who knew that it would be even more fun on earth day?

ander was in school that afternoon, so it was i and diana and a bunch of moms and other scouts from our troop who joined fellow volunteers at the nature center.  we put in new plants and then mulched with fresh compost. a lot of compost. warm and earthy-smelling and a rich, deep brown.

photo courtesy of official photographer

the plants and their intended locations were preselected by the master gardeners. each scout searched out her favorite to plant first. diana chose a fern.

marking out the space to dig, wide enough to accommodate root growth. photo courtesy of official photographer

she found SO MANY wriggling earthworms. good indicator of healthy soil. photo courtesy of another scout mom
tickling the roots of a new plant before settling it in

a moment of me as photographer. photo courtesy of another scout mom

we wore our boots and long pants and brought our own gloves. the gardeners provided plenty of tools.

digging in red clay is HARD! photo courtesy of another scout mom
the higher up the hill, the more i found red clay. that soil really needed the amendments we put in. photo courtesy of official photographer

lots and lots of warm compost to protect and enrich the plants

we spotted a lone violet

diana and i took a break to relax at the pond, look at how nicely another group of volunteers planted and mulched around there! i spotted male and female cardinals flitting about.

entertaining her brain inside the nature center after exercising her muscles outside

modeling our matchy-matchy outfits! photo courtesy of another scout mom

happy earth day! with the gardeners and a small group of volunteers before the dirty work began. photo courtesy of official photographer
did'ya notice how, because of this opportunity with other people, i was able to stay in the picture with little effort, or self-consciousness, for that matter? i felt enough to do so, and i'm glad i did.

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